BARTENDER THEFT: Free drinks and shots for friends


Bartender Summary

·       Bartender:  Xxxxxx, Latin female, about 5’5” tall, medium thin build, shoulder length straight brown hair, wearing a black bikini top, jean shorts, and flip flops.

Agent and associate were unable to procure a seat at the bar during this evaluation because the seats were taken the whole time.  But agent did observe some things while sitting at one of the tables.

When agent first arrived both Xxxxxx the bartender and Xxxxxx the waitress were seen waiting on tables and making drinks.  Xxxxxx was the only one seen pouring alcohol.  Xxxxxx was only seen getting her own water and sodas.

At 3:18 PM a man walked in and was standing under the projection screen looking around, Xxxxxx asked him if he needed a table and he said yes, and went and sat at the lone table by the lounge area.  Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx and Xxxxxx walked past him, each at least once if not several times and no one waited on him.  Agent is unsure whose section this was as Xxxxxx was waiting on the high top tables and Xxxxxx was waiting on the booths.  (Please refer to the waitress summary)

At 3:32 Xxxxxx put an order into the POS the receipt came up and Xxxxxx had her back turned flirting with some male customers.  After 2 minutes of Xxxxxx standing there, Xxxxxx finally turned around and saw her there.  Xxxxxx then served a customer 3 shots, another customer a draft beer, then made Xxxxxx’s drinks, and then reported to the POS.  Xxxxxx was seen cluster ordering on several different occasions during this evaluation.  She did not report directly to the POS after making a drink order.

On a few occasions Xxxxxx would yell out to the guys at the tables and ask if they want shots.   Xxxxxx was seen making and serving these shots to the guys and some people at the bar she obviously knew.  Agent did not observe these shots to ever be recorded or paid for because Xxxxxx did not report directly to the POS.

Xxxxxx was only seen using an ice scoop to put ice into a baggy for someone.  Dirty glasses were stacking up on one side of the bar.  It was rather busy, Xxxxxx seemed to keep up well, when she was working and not flirting. She was very friendly and had a great personality. She seemed to enjoy her job, and everyone seemed to like her.

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