BARTENDER THEFT: BUCK-BOOSTING, when bartenders or cocktail servers raise the CASH price by $1.00 and steal from customers with each transaction


Bartender Summary

·       Bartender 1: white female with brunette hair, wearing a xxxxxx hat, black top, and cut off jean shorts.

·       Bartender 2: white female with light blond hair, several tattoos, wearing a black xxxxxx hat, red top, and cut off jean shorts.

·       Bartender 3: white female with blond hair, wearing a tan xxxxxx hat, white top, and cut off jean shorts.

·       Bartender 4: white female with blond hair, wearing a white xxxxxx hat, pink top, and cut off jean shorts.

·       Bartender 5: white female with dark hair, wearing a pink xxxxxx hat, black top, and cut off jean shorts. Observed mainly in the service bar area.

·       Bartender 6: white female with dark blond hair, wearing a light colored xxxxxx hat, white top, and cut off jean shorts. Observed mainly in the service bar area.

·       Beer Tub Bartender 1: white female with a dark xxxxxx hat, wearing a blue hoodie.

·       Barback 1: (possibly a busser as he was never observed behind the bar area) white male with short dark hair, rough facial hair, thick glasses, tattoo on neck, stocky build, wearing a dark baseball hat and black Xxxxxx Xxxxxx t-shirt.

·       Barback 2: white male with a reddish goatee, thin build, wearing a baseball hat and dark Xxxxxx Xxxxxx t-shirt.

·       Barback 3: white male with a xxxxxxxxxxx, wearing a red baseball hat, and dark t-shirt.

At no point in the evening did any bartender give their name, the music was loud and although every bartender approached the agent and associate in a friendly manner no small talk was exchanged. Furthermore it appeared that all of the bartenders were working together to service the entire bar so each one was seen in different parts of the bar area providing service to whoever appeared to be next in line. Upon closing out each tab the server name on all the checks was simply “Bar.”

Jack Daniels appeared to be hosting a special that evening in that there appeared to be a gentleman described as a white male with a beard, wearing a black xxxxxx hat, black suit with the Jack Daniels logo sewn into the breast area of his coat, and black xxxxxx boots. This individual was observed to be buying drinks for people that wanted to try Jack Daniels. Furthermore, there was a life-sized statue of Jack Daniels in the northwest area of the inside of this establishment.

Upon approaching the bar the agent and associate had to wait in a large crowd of people standing next to the bar. Bartender 1 approached us and due to the loud music, did not introduce herself, she did take our drink order with a smile.

Although we had ordered drinks from the eastern area of the bar closest to the doorway, Bartender 1 rang up the drinks on the western cash register/POS terminal. Agent found this behavior odd; however, it might be assigned registers too.

The drinks were promptly made with the appropriate pour and paid for using a credit card (see food and beverage summary for details). The tab was quickly closed and although no itemized receipt was given at this time, it was accurate in price as compared to the same rounds later placed.

that at any given point had approximately 5 female bartenders and 1 to 2 male barbacks and throughout the evening the bartenders and cocktail waitresses would take turns dancing on either of the poles for a duration of one to several songs. Patrons were observed giving these individuals dollar bills which they displayed in their garter belts.

Upon signaling the bartenders for the second round of drinks, Bartender 2 was observed to take our order. She made the drinks with the appropriate pour count, told us the price, grabbed the agent’s credit card, rang up and cashed out this round in the same manner as Bartender 1.

The agent and associate made their way to the patio area where the crowd was just as thick as it was inside. The agent observed the Beer Tub Bartender 1 opening beer bottles for patrons and closing out to cash their orders using a cash drawer. The Beer Tub Bartender 1 was observed making appropriate change for her customers, and she was observed using a cash drawer behind her station. At no point during our observations did we see her misuse either the cash drawer or her tip bucket.

While on the patio, Barback 1 was observed servicing the patio, where he was observed picking up a small collection of glassware near the exit to this establishment.

Round three was placed with Bartender 3, who again and also prepared the drinks with the appropriate level of pour. The tab was left open at this point and it was secured with a credit card.

Barback 2 and Barback 3 were frequently observed behind the bar clearing empty glassware and stocking ice using the appropriate ice receptacles. The bar area was frequently cleared of empty and discarded glassware. There were a few water spots on the bar top in the heavily traffic areas of the bar area.

While the bartenders and cocktail servers took turns dancing to songs on the stripper poles they were observed drinking from plastic water bottles that they brought up to the strippers poles with them.

Bartender 4 took the next round, and again poured the appropriate count for mixed drinks for both our order and all the other orders the agent had observed her make. The drinks were presented and promptly added to our drink tab.

Bartender 5 was observed primarily in the northern service bar area that doubled as a location for patrons to order drinks. The agent had observed Bartender 5 make several drink orders all of which were poured at the appropriate pour count however no ice scoop was used. This is an AZ Health Code violation.

Bartender 6 took our next round which upon placing the drinks in front of the agent had asked for payment that was a dollar over what the final bill had stated (see food and beverage summary for details). The agent mentioned that there was a tab open so payment at this time was not taken, but the order was promptly rang up on our tab.

Beverage Summary



The agent and associate had ordered four rounds of drinks during this evening’s experience, the rounds consisted of a pint of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and a Jack and Coke. The xxxxxxxxxxxx were consistently poured with no excessive head to the beer and consistently served in a chilled glass. No size description was ever offered when the orders were placed and the agent felt that either they were just serving the largest size or there was no different sizes offered. Upon observing other patrons, no one else had seemed to be drinking beer from various sized glasses. The Jack Daniels, as well as every other mixed drink observed being prepared behind the bar this evening, was poured at the appropriate four count. The rocks glasses were clean and free of any chipping.

The final round which was placed through Bartender 6 was two waters, no choice as to type of water was given, Bartender 6 returned from the refrigerator with two glass bottles of Voss Still Water, which although hefty in price were very refreshing. Plastic water bottles were observed being drank by the bartenders as they werexxxxx xxx xxxxx, so the option although possibly not provided to the patrons, was there. When Bartender 6 placed the two unopened water bottles in front of the agent she had asked for payment of $9. The agent mentioned that he had a tab open and she added these two drinks. When the final bill was presented the total for these two bottles of water was only $8. Either Bartender 6 did not know the price of these two drinks or she was overcharging for these items – buck boosting cash transactions.
At 12:41 AM, while the agent and associate were waiting for Bartender 6 to take their order she was observed to pour 4 shots; 3 of Jagermeister and one of a clear liquid (probably vodka or rum). Bartender 6 placed these drinks in front of four male patrons standing next to us and was overheard saying that these were for waiting so patiently. Bartender 6 was never observed receiving any form of payment for these drinks, nor was she observed ringing these items up on a comp tab.

Upon the conclusion of our experience Bartender 4 retrieved our tab and credit card which was accurately itemized and accurate in price in comparison to the other orders placed. It was at this point that the agent realized that Bartender 6 would have overcharged for our last round had we not already had a tab open.

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