BARTENDER THEFT: Bartender not ringing drinks and pouring too heavy, nudity.


Bartender summary

·        Bartender – Caucasian female with shoulder length strait light brown hair and heavy set build wearing a teal V neck T shirt.  Called Xxxxxx by two guests and will be referred to as such for the purposes of the report.

Agent and associate approached the open entrance door to the establishment and just as we crossed the threshold were greeted with a hollered friendly Hello from the bartender, Xxxxxx. 

Xxxxxx approached us quickly as we sat down and asked what we would like to drink while placing beverage napkins on the bar.  We ordered and she filled the order quickly quoting a price as she delivered the order.  Payment was made and she processed the payment quickly and properly.

Xxxxxx did not introduce herself or specify any drink specials that there may have been or request ID from agent or associate, one of which is under 30 years of age and very well looks it.

Xxxxxx was extremely boisterous and welcoming and she was observed treating each guest that entered as if she knew them and was rather engaging, although somewhat intense.

Xxxxxx moved up and down the length of the bar engaging with each guest in turn, chatting and joking.  She was also repeatedly heard talking about the new ownership of the business including the new name “Daisy Dukes”, the new uniforms, work on the building including the new tile floors and paint and the new TV’s soon to come.  Xxxxxx seemed excited about sharing the upcoming changes.

About half way through the evaluation agent observed Xxxxxx standing behind the bar taking something out of a red ‘keg cup’ and putting it in her mouth with her fingers.  A moment later agent deduced it was sunflower seeds because she was observed taking the shells out of her mouth with her thumb and fingers and throwing them in the direction of the garbage. 

Xxxxxx was observed on numerous times touching/caressing her chest apparently to excite some of the males at the bar, and on one occasion, on a dare for money, exposed her areole and flicked her nipples with her fingers which is an ADLLC Violation.

Between talking with and serving guests Xxxxxx was consistently observed looking at her cell phone which she typically kept near the register flipped open. On several occasions she was actually holding the phone and texting while at the counter near the register and on some occasions was texting while she was talking to a guest.  Clearly this is unprofessional and likely unnecessary particularly in immediate view of the guests. 

The following are some of the times of the cell phone use incidences:

·                 11:02

·                 11:09

·                 11:12 while communicating with a guest at the bar top.

·                 11:17

·                 11:48 standing near guests behind the bar

·                 11:52

·                 12:20 while communicating with 2 guests at the bar top

·                 12:22

·                 12:28 while leaning on bar top with elbows right in front of a guest

There were other questionable or concerning situations during the evaluation that are as follows:

11:03 – Xxxxxx was drinking from a water bottle which is an AZ Health code violation.  Employees may only drink from capped solo cups with a straw.

11:06 – 11:09 – Xxxxxx left the bar unattended to go outside with a guest to have a cigarette and was not in view of the doorway from the bar top.  Agent cannot confirm that Xxxxxx was smoking as the guest had asked her to come outside while they smoked and she went with them.

11:15 – Xxxxxx poured a 7 count Jager shot (4 count = 1.5 ounces) in a small rocks glass and spilled nearly an ounce of the shot down the side of the glass because she was not paying attention while pouring it.  Agent cannot confirm if the guest ordered a double.

11:15 – Xxxxxx served the Jager shot and a Bud Light Bottle to the same guest and chatted with the guest until 11:17 before moving in the direction of the register at which time she wrote something down on a captains pad next to the register.

11:24 – Xxxxxx poured a 6 count Jager shot in a small rocks glass.  Agent cannot confirm if the guest ordered a double.

11:44 – Xxxxxx was sitting down in a stool near the opening in the bar at which time agent and associates drinks were empty and it had been about 8-10 minutes since the last check back.

11:46 – Xxxxxx poured an 8 count cocktail which was not ordered as a double. Delivering twice the amount of liquor prescribed by management is considered bartender theft.

11:56 – Xxxxxx poured two Three Amigos Silver shots in large rocks glasses (which appeared to be 4oz glasses) that were ¾ full which is about 3 ounces of liquor.  Xxxxxx made no move to the POS to record it.

12:12 – Xxxxxx was observed hollering across the bar asking guests if they were ok instead of approaching them to ask.

12:21 – agent noted Xxxxxx retrieving a lime wedge to garnish a drink with her hands.  This was after the aforementioned sunflower seed eating began and she had not washed her hands.  Moreover, regardless of the sunflower seed eating, this is an AZ Health code violation as ready to eat foods may only be touched with a designated utensil such as tongs or gloved hands.

12:29 – the shot glasses from the aforementioned free Three amigos shots had not been cleared from in front of the guest.

There was another occasion (agent did not note time) that Xxxxxx was observed pouring a three amigos silver shot that appeared to be about 3 ounce shot.

Although agent could not see Xxxxxx putting ice in glassware due to the location of the well under the bar top, it did not appear that she was using an ice scoop, but was scooping the glassware in the ice.  This is an AZ Health code violation and is a safety hazard as if a piece of glass chips off in the ice it may be ingested by a guest

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