Open Register Drawer, Over Pour Liquor for Friends, Bartender Theft



Open Register Drawer, Over Pour Liquor for Friends, Bartender Theft


With regard to cash handling integrity, the agent found that staff would sometimes waiver, and only for certain people.  Bartender 1 was generally consistent in handling cash for drinks. The agent found that from time to time, the cash drawer would be left open while he turned around to talk with the server or a patron at the bar. The agent believes that he would sometimes take a drink order while at the register. The agent did not see him directly give away drinks or not ring in drinks. However, the agent believes closer attention should be paid to the cash drawer It should never be left open for any transactions other than the one the bartender went there for in the first place.

Bartender 2 was clearly seen giving a patron a deliberate heavy pour. The patron ordered a double vodka and served a domestic beer to two Caucasian males in their early 30’s. He received cash from the patron, and punched the amount into the register. The amount displayed on the register after he rang in the drinks was $7.00. He then issued two tokens to the patrons along with the change for the drinks. The agent believes Bartender 2 deliberately over poured the drink for the patron, who is probably a friend of his, which the Agent also considers theft.  

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